Funky pink bike! (12-10-2012)

Another great anodising result - We have just completed anodising a mountain bike frame for Mark at 'Zerode Bikes'.  This is the second one in the last 2 weeks and both have been dyed a funky pink!  Both frames had been previously anodised to a high standard but the owners were after a different look.  The first one we did was originally 'natural' or 'silver' anodised, and the one we have just compled was blue anodised colour.  We had to be carefull to apply the right masking to key parts of the frame prior to stripping of the existing anodising in our caustic bath - We always try to take note of any bearing spaces and ensure that the dimensions on these are are not changed.

We applied a marine grade layer of anodising to ensure the best overall functional performance and to ensure a good uptake of dye.  This dye is one of our firm favourites as the colour is so vibrant and pretty robust.


The photo shows the first of the 2 frames we have anodised, after Rob has re-assembled and finished the frame for his customer.  For more information on the bikes contact Rob at