Green dirt bike rims (12-11-2012)

Well doesn't time fly when your very busy, so much for the weekly update.  We have worked on a couple of really neat projects over the last month and we hope to be able to report on these soon.  Unfortunatelly as these are either currently being patented or being approved by the end user we cant yet report on them, but as soon as we get the clearance up will go the photos.  In the mean time below are some photos of a set of Excel dirt bike rims we did a few weeks ago.  Now, we do anodise this sort of thing on a fairly regular basis but this is the first set we have done a set of rims in green - Typically the fashion is either black or Suzuki yellow.




Also, a couple of months ago, we anodised our first set of orange rims - these looked great.




We are yet to do a set of either neon pink, purple or grey dirt bike rims.  So if any of you motorcross guys are keen on a fairly unique look then give us a call.