Pricing an anodising job


Minimum charges:


Minimum anodising charge for CASH customers is $95 + GST + freight + consumables (effective 1 April 2018)

Minimum anodising charge for ACCOUNT cusotmers is $60 + GST + freight + consumables



Anodising rates:


Standard anodising rate =  Based on jigging requirements, number and size of parts, alloys present, natural or coloured ,etc

PLEASE contact us for a quote or estimate on yout standard anodising job


Hard anodising rate = Based on jigging requirements, number and size of parts, alloys present, natural or coloured, etc

PLEASE contact us for a quote or estimate on your hard anodising job


Turn Around Time

Turn around times vary all the time and depend on a range of factors such as the amount and type of work we have in the workshop.  As a rule we have an in-house target of -

5 working days for commercial work

10 working days for private/non-commercial work

Where possible we will do jobs quicker than our target time frame.

Please note that certain jobs may take longer than our in-house target due to things such as the size and complexity of the job and ofcourse our other anodising commitments.


One Day Turn Around Surcharge:

Jobs that require one day turn around will incur a 15% surcharge on the cost of the job excluding the freight charge.  This would depend on our scheduling at the time of the job arriving as we may need to reschedule other customers work, organise extra staff, etc.  The surcharge will be a minimum of $20.00 + GST + freight

The availabliltiy of our same day service is dependent on the size of job and our current commitments.  As such same day service may not be avialable on your job.  Priority will always be given to our regular cusotmers.

Please note that if we are unable to provide one day service then this does not automatically mean 2 day service, as all non same day jobs fall under our target of 5 working days or less.


Extra Charges:


Stripping existing anodising =  $75/hr + GST

Masking of parts i.e. bearing spaces =  $75/hr + GST

Sanding/extra cleaning/etc... =  $75/hr + GST

Please note that metal polishing is not part of our standard service and we will typically forward polishing work to the Metal Polish Company in Hamilton. 

As of 1 December 2016, we no longer buff dirt bike rims in-house and out source the polisihng to the Metal Polish Company.

Should you want to arrange your own polishing for your parts then it may be worth talking to the following -

Manukau Metal Polishers

The Metal Polish Company

Consumables fee = $5.00 per $750 or part there off


Our standard terms of payment are:


Payment before goods are released for non-account holders

Payment 20th of month following for account holders

Accounts are by application only.  For more information please see our terms of trade.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, PAYPAL or direct credit