Shipping guide

Shipping your Anodising

Shipping is a very important consideration for any anodising job.  Damage to goods that occur in transit to the anodiser can result in costly extra prep work as anodising does not hide any scratches or marks that are present.


Here is our guide to help you get your anodising job arriving in the same condition it left in;


1.  Avoid having parts in direct contact with each other

2.  If the parts are bare Aluminium alloy, you will need to ensure that the parts are clean and dry.  Finger prints and moisture can adversely affect the surface of the metal that may be present after anodising.  It is amazing how quickly bare Aluminium alloy can show stains, marks or even show the early stages of corrosion.  Below is an extreme example of some parts we received that were not properly cleaned of the cutting fluid used during the machining process.  The damage was only superficial and the parts came out OK.Incorrect storage of aluminium results in corrosion


3.  Wrap parts in several layers of news paper (cheaper than bubble wrap)

4.  When using tape avoid putting the tape directly on the metal surface. 

5.  If using box ensure it is sturdy, if the parts do not all fit snug in the box, add newspaper to ensure that there is minimal movement during the shipping

6.  Write or printout a list of items that have been sent and the anodising details i.e. colour.   We quite often do not receive a list of parts and this can lead on occasion to issues with insuring we have all the parts for a job.  Some customers will include a picture of all the parts as a reference.

7.  Include contact name, company, phone number and a return address for the anodising.  We still receive jobs that have NO information on them at all, which leaves us waiting until the customer contacts us to find out the progress on their job.

8.  Always ensure you have a tracking number for anything sent by courier


Upon arrival;


1.  We will start a job sheet

2.  Check the details of the initial phone or email enquiry with the parts that actually arrived

3.  Any discrepancies with information provided and the job or the item list does not match what actually arrived will be noted

4.  You will be called to let you know the job arrived, any issues relating the job will be discussed and agree on a completion date for the anodising job


Please note that while Advanced Anodising Ltd does what it can to ensure parts are securely packed, it does not take any responsibiility for the freighting of parts.  All freight is at the customers own risk.