Anodised Rims & Hubs

Is getting new colour anodised rims too expensive?


Why not just get your old set of rims re-anodised and coloured to the colour of your choice - Its very affordable!!!!!!!




Advanced Anodising have done a great job anodising motorbike rims for us at Action Suzuki. I would recommend them to anyone looking at getting their rims anodised, certainly if they are after great service and a great finish

Daryl Hurley (Action Suzuki), Hawera





Anodised Rims

No longer do you have to be stuck with plain old factory alloys because we can anodise your rims to the colour of your choice.  Not only is it easy to get done but it is very affordable with prices starting from only $65 per rim.


So why should you choose to anodise your rims;

  • Anodising wont peel, flake or chip as the anodised coating is part of the metal
  • Polishing followed by anodising gives the rims a high gloss finish that wont dull
  • Anodising allows you to pick from a massive range of anodised colours - Black, gold, red, yellow, orange, purple, green, blue, pink and bronze
  • Anodising gives your bike the look that will make it stand out from the crowd
  • Anodising is easy to look after - Just hot water and soap


Its so easy to get rims anodized;

  •  Strip the rim by removing the tyre and spokes
  • Send your rims to Advanced Anodising
  • Advanced Anodising will clean, strip, anodise, colour each rim, before carefully packaging and sending back to you; Please note that due to our workload we now outsource the polishing to a Hamilton polisihng company
  • All that left for you to do is to assemble the wheels and enjoy the new look


Please be aware that the starting quality of the rims is important in determining the final anodised look of the rim.  The newer the rim the better the result, that is not to say that older used rims wont end up looking better than what they did before.  An important point to note with older used rims is that we wont be able to remove deeper corrosion and stone chips marks but we will add a gloss.


Rim as it arrived -

rim 2

Rim after stripping an buffing -

rim 4

Rim after anodising -

rim 5


Anodising Quad Bike Rims

Yes, we have even had requests to quad bike rims.  They certainly are more tricky to polish and have steel inserts that require masking but good results can still be achieved.

Polished rim

Polished rim


Anodised rim

Black anodised quad bike rims


Anodising Hubs

We get a lot of questions about anodising hubs, and the answer to all enquiries normally comes down to the following;


  1. Cast/stock hubs - due to the nature of the alloys used, these tend to be more suited to powder coating.  While we can anodise these the coating will be more functional than decorative.
  2. Billet hubs - These are typically 6061 alloy and can be anodised with exellent results.  If these are already anodised but you would like a different colour then Advanced Anodising can re-anodise your billet hub to the anodised colour you require.