Our Anodising Services

We provide standard, marine and hard anodising services to a wide range of industrial customers, as well the man on the street.  We will anodise from one part to thousands of parts, either natural or in colour.  Our customer bae cover the whole of New Zealand from Auckland to Invercargil.


Turn around time

We aim to have all anodising work completed and on the couriers in 5 working days or less.



 Advanced Anodising Ltd is no longer able to offer a polishing service and as such if items require polishing then this will need to be done elsewhere.  We do have the ability to tidy the odd parts up if required.

contact us for more information.



Advanced Anodising offer both standard anodising (Type 2) and hard anodising (Type 3)

Standard Anodising: 5-30 micron coating thickness, decorative & functional finish with wide range of colours available

Hard Anodising: 50+ micron coating thickness, funtional finish (very high wear/corrosion) available in natural or black

The dimensions of our three processing baths are as follows;

  • Anodising Bath 1 (Std. Anodising) - 2750mm L  x  750mm W  x  650mm D
  • Anodising Bath 2 (Std. Anodising) - 2750mm L  x  750mm W  x  650mm D
  • Anodising Bath 3 (Hard Anodising) - 2750mm L  x  750mm W  x  650mm D


We are able to anodise any item that falls within these dimensions.  Although it is possible to anodise larger items, by double anodising, this is something we will not do as it leads to a noticeable line where the coating overlaps.



 Advanced Anodising Limited is able to offer a wide range of colours for your anodising job.  Our standard colours are as follows;


Gold, black, yellow, red, blue, green, orange, violet/purple, pink, and bronze 


If we don't have the colour you need, please contact us and we will try to source it.  Should you have a colour sample we will try to match as close as possible.  An exact colour match cannot be guaranteed, as there are too many variables that effect anodising to be controlled.  We aim for colour consistency in a batch of anodising, assuming all the same alloy, and we can only try to achieve consistency between batches.

(Please note that 'white' is not available as a colour option).


Sample Work

For those customers looking at doing regular product runs or have a one off job with a large number of parts, we are happy to work with you to do some samples get the anodising right before you commit to doing the anodising.  In most cases we are able to anodise the samples for FREE, with the only cost to you being freight.  The cost, if any, is determined on a case by case basis.   Call us to discuss your anodising requirements.