Advanced Anodising Ltd Terms of Trade


  • Payment terms are by cash, cheque, PAYPAL or internet banking

  • Payment must be made before completed anodising job is uplifted or couriered unless a credit account has been approved

  • Credit is by application only and is at the discretion of Advanced Anodising Ltd

  • Credit accounts will be required to remit on or before the 20th day of the month following the date of invoice

  • Payment accepted in New Zealand dollars only

  • Credit customers will have their jobs put on hold until overdue accounts are brought up to date

  • Credit customers may have their credit withdrawn for repeated overdue accounts


  • Return freight will be by NZ Couriers, Post Haste, Fastways, or Mainfreight. Customers may arrange their own return freight.

  • Advanced Anodising Ltd is able to use Courier Post where required but this will incurr a handling fee

  • Goods are couriered/freighted at owners risk. This includes both the freight to Advanced Anodising Ltd and the return freight from Advanced Anodising Ltd to the customer or designated party.

  • Advanced Anodising Ltd is not responsible for the time freight companies take to deliver

  • Advanced Anodising Ltd is not responsible for freight companies losing consignments


  • Advanced Anodising reserves the right to alter the price given to a customer should the alloy vary from that specified by the customer where this significantly alters the time involved in processing

  • Advanced Anodising Ltd will charge for rework or quality issues that are not the responsibility of Advanced Anodising Ltd. This includes but is not limited to dyeing issues relating to blind holes, customer not being satisfied with colour, gas pockets due to shape/design of parts and anodising issues relating to surface preparation


  • Advanced Anodising Ltd cannot guarantee the final finish of the product when the alloy to be anodised is either unknown or varies from what the customer said they would be providing

  • While every effort will be made to ensure colour consistency between runs, this cannot be guaranteed due to natural variations in processing that occur from day to day

  • While every effort will be made to match the anodising to a colour sample provided this is not guaranteed. This is due, but not limited to the alloys and dyes used.

  • Advanced Anodising Ltd does not accept responsibility for dye issues caused by blind holes, namely dye blowouts where a white streak may be eminating from the blind hole after dyeing and/or sealing

  • Where possible Advanced Anodising Ltd will make customers aware of surface preparation concerns prior to anodising. However Advanced Anodising Ltd does not take responsible for quality issues that relate to how the customer prepared the parts for anodising

  • Advanced Anodising Ltd will take all reasonable care with hard anodising but due to the inherent risk involved in hard anodising it does not take any liability for \\\'burning\\\' of parts. For example \\\'free machining\\\' grade alloy, parts are very thin parts and parts containing a lot of sharp edges are more likely to have issues

  • Advanced Anodising Ltd will take all care to avoid the presence of gas pockets on the anodising. Anodising releases huge amount of gas and these may become trapped in voids on parts displacing the acid and stopping the anodising process in these areas. Due to the complex nature and design of some parts these gas pockets may be unavoidable and as such Advanced Anodising Ltd takes no responsibility for these where they occur


  • Complaints about service or quality of work must be directed to Advanced Anodising Limited. Advanced Anodising Limited reserves the right to make every effort to remedy the issues or offer a full or partial refund on the anodising job prior to the customer looking at finding another provider

  • Turn around times given by Advanced Anodising Ltd should be regarded as a guide only and are estimated from the receipt of the work by Advanced Anodising Ltd and not from when the job was sent

  • Advanced Anodising Limited abides by the requirements of the Consumer Guarantees Act (For more information see -


Updated 13 April 2016