Aluminium Anodising Specialists

Advanced Anodising Ltd has been offering anodising services to New Zealand and overseas customers since 2008.  Starting with and empty building and only the 2 owners as a workforce, Advanced Anodising has grown to offer both hard and standard anodising services, a full range of colours and now employs 6 fulltime staff, 3 part time staff and 2 casual.

Advanced Anodising prides itself on its quality and fast delivery.

Our website has been put together to be as informative as possible while still being accesable.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding anodising or would like information on pricing.


For any enquiries please call - 07 886 0933 (Office) or 027 2700019 (Marcel)



Change in operating Hours

From 19 April 2021, Advanced Anodising Ltd will move to a 4 day production week.  Our team will be anodising 10 hours per day Monday to Thursday and the plant will be shut on Fridays.  The aim is to both help improve productivity and also improve work life balance for the anodising staff.  We will still have several staff on site on Fridays to take enquiries, do plant maintenace and process any courier deliveries.  We will unfortunately not be able to receive truck deliveries on Fridays.

Anodising Photo Gallery

Anodising Photo Gallery


Anodised Motorcycle parts -

Advanced Anodising anodises a lot of rims throughout the year and also a lot of other motobike components from fork tubes, handle bars, frames etc....

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 Anodised Mountainbikes -

This is certainly a growing part of what we do. 

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Our Customers -


Als Blower Drives

Als Blower Drives is a family owned company that Services and distributes superchargers and associated hardware. Manufacturer of the Garlits Peformance Products Streetcatcher and StreetInduction.  Advanced Anodising has been anodising blower tops, butterfly plates and assorted other parts for over 4 years.

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