Auckland Anodising

Anodising in the Auckland region


Advanced Anodising Ltd has been providing its anodising services to customers in the Auckland region for over 5 years.  Here are 7 reasons why our customers in Auckland locations choose to use Advanced Anodising Ltd -


  1. Fast turn around: We aim to have all anodising jobs completed in 5 working days or less
  2. Full range of anodised colours: Why not have a look at our 'colour' page and see for yourself
  3. Easy freight: Freight to Advanced Anodising in Tokoroa is easy with all major courier firms knowing exactly where we are and is very reasonably priced.  We will organise the return freight so you dont have to.  Freight is typically only a small portion of the cost of any machining job and in addition to our fast turn around you cant lose.
  4. Full anodising service: We offer standard, marine and hard anodising.  Check out our 'services'.
  5. Free samples: Not sure if anodising is right for your product?  Sent us a sample piece and we will anodise this for FREE
  6. Knowledgable staff: We are allways happy to offer advice on your anodsing needs and if we cant help you we are happy to direct you to someone who can.  That is why we have made our website as informative as possible.  One of our most popular pages is 'choosing the right alloy for your anodising'
  7. Guaranteed completion: If we agree on a completion date and we dont deliver then you receive 50% of the cost of the anodising


Call us now on 0800 44 55 95 or fire us an email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enquire about our services


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